Wish Cards x High Minds.

Wish Cards x High Minds.

A joyous art celebration between Wish Cards and High Minds, celebrating the smaller joys in life. Each card comes equipped with a match, a strike-pad, a candlewick, and a special High Minds additional spot for your smoking needs. In short, everything you need to make a wish. We love the idea of people worldwide pausing for a moment to inhale and reflect on what sort of positive change they really hope for.

The original Wish Card was created in 2019 byOrfeo Tagiuri, who lives and works in London, UK. Since then the small team  have worked with the finest printers, designers, material suppliers and distributors to provide their cards in the most beautiful manner possible.

High Minds is an independent Irish company, bringing you a curated selection of objects and experiences centralized around weed. We carry pieces designed in-house and items sourced from makers near and far.

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