Broccoli Vol 10

In Broccoli Issue 10, illustrator Jess Ebsworth tempts us in the Garden of Weeden, Shon Cele Rainey explores beauty and freedom in her “Flower Black Power” collages, and we shrink ourselves down into Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland’s miniature snail world. Plus, a taxonomy of pipes, the world’s first cannabis herbarium, the transcendent nature of awe, radical pacifist choirs, and The Broccoli Catalogue filled with gifts for every stoner. (Don’t miss the quiz to determine your stoner type!)

Broccoli is the international magazine for cannabis lovers. Created by an all-women team, Broccoli is a magazine presenting a new perspective on cannabis culture.

High Minds is an independent Irish company, bringing you a curated selection of objects and experiences centralized around weed. We carry pieces designed in-house and items sourced from makers near and far.

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