Gossamer Vol 3: Night

Volume Three explores all the different definitions of Night, from literal to abstract, across 144 pages of premium coated and uncoated paper.

Contributors and subjects include:

Maria Berrio, Mengwen Cao, Alexis Cheung, Lauren Coleman, Amelia Diamond, Caroline Fayette, Hector Guadalupe, Mario Guzman, Merijn Hos, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Foster Kamer, Anjali Khosla, Geoffrey Knott, Vanessa Lavorato, Nicholas Law, Tessa Love, Lee Lozano, Richard MacKichan, Yael Malka, Lindsay Mannering, Marijpol, María Medem, Marina Melentieva, Noémi Ottilia Szabo, JW Pack, Cara Parks, Christina Pérez, Thomas Pokorn, Nejc Prah, Anna Shectman, Bijan Stephen, Fiorella Valdesolo, Luca Venter, Adrian Octavius Walker, T. Wise, and Kate Young.

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