High Minds Pipe Launch with J Hill's Standard, Oficina Amsterdam

July 1, 2022

High Minds + J. HILL’s Standard come together to host a special dinner at Oficina, Amsterdam to launch the smokewear collections of J.HILL’s Standard + High Minds.

The encounter between J. Hill’s Standard and High Minds is one naturally centered around common values: both small, Irish craft-based companies, our pieces express craft as an artform, where functionality meets high design standards and high levels of skill in the making. Everything we make is small batch or editioned – the pace of making by hand dictates the number.

J Hill had smokewear from both father and son of the Bakker family. The beautiful cloud pipes by Aldo Bakker alongside the sunning HopStep smoking vessel and Moustache ashtray. Meanwhile his ever playful father: Gijs had his stunning: Joyride phallus pipe released through J Hill's Standard.

Two pieces by High Minds were created out of a love of objects and the potential of exploring anew and unknown territory of design that could be taken to more interesting levels. The pairing of Dee Morgan’s High Minds and Ahmad Fakhry came out of a core curiosity around the design of smokewear, that both wanted to explore.

The focus of the project was to allow for organic forms to take place in the shape of a smoking pipe which was developed over the space of 18 months. The forms allowed them to take 2 different avenues of pipes and were realised in stoneware ceramic, which are being launched in 3 colours: duckegg, bone, alligator green and smooth noir.

Single chamber pipe: A wabi-sabi smoking vessel held in the crevices of one's hand.

Double chamber pipe: A dew settling smoking vessel, where the smoke makes its own journey from to cooler climates.

They will be available Late September 2022

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