High Minds Launch Dinner with Cúán Greene

June 25, 2021

Originally I considered cooking this meal myself (Dee)but then I began to open up conversations with the next person, my dear friend Cúán Green. For those of you who don’t know him, Cúán is the founder of ÓMÓS; as it says on its IG profile “A mindful community, focused on food and farming in Dublin, Ireland.” and that it is. After living in Copenhagen for 3 years working in restaurants like Geranium and Noma, his pining for the Irish shores was strong and he moved back to the motherland. After I had asked him to take the lead on the food, we chatted at length about High Minds and how our thinking aligned, and how he could align the dinner with certain pillars and what the dinner would represent.

A few days before the dinner, the physical prep started with a day of foraging. I was expecting to be taken out into the near countryside, but instead, Cúán took me to his spots around Dublin City in the search of fig leaves, elderflower, and rugosa roses. All of these elements were used throughout the dinner alongside his range of other items that have been foraged and preserved. His cook repersents locally sourced and seasonal produce from farms and markets around the length and breadth of the country, something that holds dear to my (Dee) heart coming from an apple growing background.

What ended up being a 7 course menu, based on certain elements of weed and what that represented to us. It was not meal that any of the guest would forget. Cúán took us what can only be described as journey through all our senses.

Dinner was shot by Ran Cai

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